Industrial & Intellectual Property

Modern business practice has placed a great amount of emphasis on trademark recognition, copyright and patent protection. The Office recognises the need to offer skilled legal advice to preserve and maximise the value of trademarks, ideas, inventions or creations as forms of 'intellectual property'. Our Office handles litigation involving unfair competition (such as imitation of unprotected works and products), illegal use of trademark, breach of copyright, trade secrets, patents, know-how, the protection of confidential information and other related matters.
We advise on all problems and litigation arising in relation to patents, trademarks, copyrights, know-how, the protection of confidential information, the protection of software and of the strategic assets of the businesses, including unfair competition cases. We also provide services in connection with the negotiation of contracts for the transfer and licensing of all intellectual property rights and we assist foreign companies in the activities concerning registration of IPRs with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

As part of our services we offer:

• Registration of trademarks and patents, in Turkey and internationally.
• Drafting and negotiating technology transfer agreements.
• Licensing of intellectual property rights.
• Drafting of international and domestic agreements for the sale