Criminal & Civil Litigation and ADR

Our clients rely on Şanlı's experience of effectively handling commercial, civil and criminal proceedings. We advise on the drafting of dispute resolution clauses and the election of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution rules.

Şanlı provides the following services in relation to the criminal and civil litigation and arbitration at the Turkish and Foreign courts:

• to review all the relevant documents, discussing the strategy of the litigation with the clients and give professional advice from time to time;
• to start or defend the proceedings for the clients; to draft the proceedings documents including statements of claim, defense, appeal application, the assets preservation application and powers of attorney and to submit the executed litigation documents to the court;
• to conduct searches with the relevant authorities, organization or companies to collect the supporting evidence or materials;
• to conduct the assets investigation and to assist the court in freezing the assets for purpose of enforcement;
• to appear in the court hearings and make statements and arguments orally and in writing for the clients;
• to apply for enforcement of the effective judgements or arbitration awards at the Turkish and Foreign courts; to find out the assets of the obligors and to assist the court in selling by auction.